🥽Aquamount (NFT)

Guardians of the Deep - Meet the Extraordinary Marine Creatures NFT

D2E brings an innovative dimension to the metaverse by introducing extraordinary marine creatures, each playing a unique role in the ecosystem. These creatures, equipped with cutting-edge technology, are not just symbols but active participants, ensuring the seamless integration of the oceanic depths with the digital realm.

Qi - The Biomechanically Enhanced Dolphin

Qi, the biomechanically enhanced dolphin, possesses remarkable speed and agility, making it the ideal choice for urgent transportation needs. Qi’s technological enhancements enable it to navigate swiftly through the ocean depths. However, due to its focus on speed, Qi has lower stamina compared to its companions. Nevertheless, when time is of the essence, Qi is the dependable ally we can rely on.

Lu - The Mechanized Whale

Lu, the mechanized whale, was initially deployed as a defender to protect Aquacity from underwater threats. Equipped with heavy armor and formidable weaponry, Lu is an imposing force in the ocean. Its sturdy build and immense stamina make Lu perfect for prolonged journeys, ensuring the safe transport of valuable resources. With Lu as a guardian, Aquacity’s operations remain secure and protected.

Mex - The Genetically Enhanced Medic Whale Shark:

Mex, the genetically enhanced medic whale shark, plays a crucial role in providing medical support during resource transportation. With mechanical sensors integrated into its being, Mex can swiftly assess and address any health issues that may arise. Balancing both speed and mileage, Mex ensures that resources reach their destination while also attending to the well-being of Aquacity’s inhabitants.

Gho - The Bio-Enhanced Stingray

Gho, the bio-enhanced stingray, serves as Aquacity’s scout in the deeper regions of the ocean. Constantly exposed to the dangers of the wild, Gho has been equipped with active camouflage technology and is capable of astonishing bursts of speed when faced with perilous situations. Gho fearlessly ventures into uncharted territories, paving the way for future explorations and expanding Aquacity’s reach.

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