🎮Game mechanics

Aquacity D2E provides a captivating and engaging gameplay experience, allowing players to partake in missions, challenges, and quests that encompass driving, exploration, and resource management. Interact with developing marine organisms and harness their distinct capabilities to maximize your profits. The game offers a user-friendly interface, intuitive controls, and immediate rewards, guaranteeing a pleasurable and gratifying experience for players of diverse backgrounds.

Aquacity D2E has launched its own native cryptocurrency, $AQUACITY, which allows players to amass wealth while playing the game. Strategically manage your earnings, invest in virtual assets, and actively engage in the dynamic marketplace to improve your financial position. The game offers prospects for the allocation of resources, trading, and expansion, enabling players to prosper in the virtual economy.

Fixed income

Constantly generates income throughout the day without interruption.

Fixed income investments stand out as a stalwart financial strategy, consistently delivering income throughout the day without interruption. This characteristic resilience makes fixed income instruments a cornerstone for investors seeking stability, predictability, and a reliable stream of returns.

Mobile revenue

  • Income generated from physical activity, such as driving, walking, jogging, and sprinting, is calculated on a daily basis, with each 4-minute interval of activity contributing to the total.

  • Requires 1 unit of Stamina to be used

  • Earn immediate income by accomplishing a small milestone every minute during any activity.

  • Every minor motion will deplete the durability of your Aquamount. It has the potential to consume a maximum of 60 stamina per day!

  • Gameplay centered around movement mechanics. Join forces with a highly esteemed P2E gaming team on a global scale!

  • Offer D2E users the choice to engage in gameplay through movement. One-click operation

Establishing a Strong Community and Generating Financial Gains

Members of the Aquacity D2E community can potentially increase their profits by up to 35% depending on the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) character they possess. Through active engagement in the game and contributing to the development of the Aquacity community, players have the opportunity to enhance their earnings and gain access to enticing incentives.

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